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About American Apparel

American Apparel is rightly proud of the fact that all of their apparel is ethically produced and sweat shop free, while a lot of brands can make the same claim it is how they ensure the well being of their employees and the environment that makes it a world leader in the Production of T Shirts and Apparel. Founded by Dov Charney in 1989 and was built on being a brand that was produced in Los Angeles California. Under Dov American Apparel became most noted for high quality basics that were comfortable and stylish. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s American Apparel pushed the boundaries with hyper sexualised advertising which was done to targeted its youth market. With a Slogan of “Made in the USA” American Apparel opened a chain of retail stores across America and the world in 2006. Due to falling sales and a changing market the American chain was closed down in 2017.


After a few turbulent years of changing and redirecting the brand several times, American Apparel was purchased by Gildan in 2017 and the brand has been refocused on bringing it back to the market leader that it once was. American Apparel is now a Web Based brand and ready to decorate garment supplier.

TCTS American Apparel Premium Basics

As a brand American Apparel now produce a range of “MADE IN THE USA” garments that are still manufactured in the USA, these are available for purchase from their website, to add to this range American Apparel have now created a range of “Ethically Made-Sweatshop Free” range of garments which are produced around the world and are at a premium quality just like the “Made in the USA” garments, but at a more cost-effective price. The “Ethically Made-Sweatshop Free” Range of garments is set to increase and be sold around the world. The Range of available styles in Australia is not as extensive as what is available in the USA at the current time, But the best-selling T Shirts form the American Apparel “Ethically Made-Sweatshop Free” is here right now, and new styles are being added in the near future. At The Custom T Shirt Shop you can choose the Style that suits you add your own design to it, we will print it up and send it out to you as quick as we can. You can check out the full range of available styles of American Apparel right here, ready to purchase online or available to buy from our Brisbane store. We think you will agree that American Apparel is back to the great quality and fashion styling that made it famous when it was at its best.

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